6.1. Provison a Device - Modbus Example

For this example we will use the GS1-10P5 Modbus motor profile we have available as reference GS1 Profile , device reference: Marathon Electric MicroMax motors via PLC (http://www.marathon-motors.com/Inverter-Vector-Duty-C-Face-Footed-TEFC-Micromax-Motor_c333.htm)). I would recommend using a tool like Postman for simplifying interactions with the REST APIs (refer to the “Device and Device Service Setup (aka Device Service Creation and Device Provisioning)” section for further details at API Demo Walkthrough , all REST content is JSON). Also note that Postman is capable of importing RAML documents for API framing (RAML docs for the EdgeX services may be found in src/test/resources/raml or on the wiki). Note that this specific example can be tweaked for use with the other Device Services.

  1. Upload the device profile above to metadata with a POST to http://localhost:48081/api/v1/deviceprofile/uploadfile and add the file as key “file” to the body
  2. Add the addressable containing reachability information for the device with a POST to http://localhost:48081/api/v1/addressable: a. If IP connected, the body will look something like: { “name”: “Motor”, “method”: “GET”, “protocol”: “HTTP”, “address”: “”, “port”: 502 } b. If serially connected, the body will look something like: { “name”: “Motor”, “method”: “GET”, “protocol”: “OTHER”, “address”: “/dev/ttyS5,9600,8,1,1”, “port”: 0 } (address field contains port, baud rate, number of data bits, stop bits, and parity bits in CSV form)
  3. Ensure the Modbus device service is running, adjust the service name below to match if necessary or if using other device services
  4. Add the device with a POST to http://localhost:48081/api/v1/device, the body will look something like:
  "description": "MicroMax Variable Speed Motor",
  "name": "Variable Speed motor",
  "adminState": "unlocked",
  "operatingState": "enabled",
  "addressable": {
    "name": "Motor"

  "labels": [

  "location": null,
  "service": {
    "name": "edgex-device-modbus"

  "profile": {
    "name": "GS1-VariableSpeedMotor"


The addressable name must match/refer to the addressable added in Step 2, the service name must match/refer to the target device service, and the profile name must match the device profile name from Step 1.

Further deep dives on the different microservices and layers can be found in our EdgeX Tech Talks series (EdgeX Tech Talks.) where Jim and I cover some of the intricacies of various services. Of particular relevance here is the Metadata Part 2 discussion covering Device Profiles and Device Provisioning.