5.6. Register your Device Service

Once the reference information is established by the Device Service in Core Data and Meta Data, the Device Service can register or define itself in EdgeX. That is, it can proclaim to EdgeX that “I have arrived and am functional.”

5.6.1. Register with Core Configuration and Registration

See APIs Core Services Configuration and Registry

Part of that registration process of the Device Service, indeed any EdgeX micro service, is to register itself with the Core Configuration & Registration. In this process, the micro service provides its location to the Config/Reg micro service and picks up any new/latest configuration information from this central service. Since there is no real Device Service in this demonstration, this part of the inter-micro service exchange is not explored here.

5.6.2. Create the Device Service

See APIs Core Services Metadata

The Device Service must then create an instance of itself in Core Metadata. It is in this registration, that the Device Service is associated to the Addressable for the Device Service that is already Core Metadata. Make this POST to Core Metadata to create the Device Service (using the Addressable’s unique name to establish the association)

POST to http://localhost:48081/api/v1/deviceservice
BODY: {"name":"camera control device service","description":"Manage human and dog counting cameras","labels":["camera","counter"],"adminState":"unlocked","operatingState":"enabled","addressable":
{"name":"camera control"}}

The name of the Device Service must be unique across all of EdgeX. Note the admin and operating states. The administrative state (aka admin state) provides control of the Device Service by man or other systems. It can be set to locked or unlocked. When a Device Service is set to locked, it is not suppose to respond to any Command requests nor send data from the Devices. The operating state (aka op state) provides an indication on the part of EdgeX about the internal operating status of the Device Service. The operating state is not set externally (as by another system or man), it is a signal from within EdgeX (and potentially the Device Service itself) about the condition of the service. The operating state of the Device Service may be either enabled or disabled. When the operating state of the Device Service is disabled, it is either experiencing some difficulty or going through some process (for example an upgrade) which does not allow it to function in its normal capacity.

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